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Your great holidays on Gran Canaria told in beautiful pictures! Your great holidays on Gran Canaria told in beautiful pictures! Your great holidays told in beautiful pictures!
Holiday photo shoots on Gran Canaria

Photo shoot with our professional model "Bianca Bebensee"

Many Thanks to Bianca Bebensee for her great dedication being in front of the camera. With her help it was possible for us to give you some insight into our Photo Shoot Programm on Gran Canaria.

We were able to make four photo shoot sessions with Bianca which were documented on the german TV Channel "VOX" for the "Goodbye, Deutschland" shows. There, Bianca got a professional model coaching from Angela to get prepared for her big Calendar Photo shoot.

We have chosen Bianca as the model for our advertising tour, because she was not yet a professional model at that time and therefore perfect to represent you - our future customer. We offer photo shoots for tourists, residents of Gran Canaria and "Newcomer Models".

Bianca got styled like a star by our Make-Up Artist for each photo shoot.
Three types of photo shoots were selected by us to present the resulting images on our website. And one type was chosen by Bianca herself.

Because the most important thing for us is that we want to fulfill your wishes and expectations to let you have an unforgettable day.

Photo shoot Tour

Photo-Shoot Tour of the Special-Event Shoot

Special Event Photo shoot

Book your photo shoot on Gran Canaria having a special feature. We have a wide range of additional services/items.
Bianca Bebensee has chosen a Toyota MR2 sportscar for her photo shoot and we made the photos in the mountains of Gran Canaria.

But we can offer you more: Harley Davidson for your biker photo shoot, a luxury limousine and helicopter flights. Let us know you photo shoot dream and we will make it happen. In our gallery you will find photos of Bianca and the sportscar.

Photo-Shoot Tour at the beach of Gran Canaria

Beach shoot

Your beach photo shoot on Gran Canaria. We have great locations to choose from: at the Dunes of Maspalomas, the beach of the canarios (beautiful beach with black sand which is situated between cliffs) and of course we have to mention the white sandy beach of Amadores.

For her photo shoot, Bianca Bebensee has chosen the black sanded beach because it is secluded (and quiet) and gets only visited by the local people.
This ensured a relaxed photo shoot from many different angles and interesting perspectives.

Poto-Shoot Tour with exclusive Outfit

Photo shoot with exclusive Outfit

Besides the "usual" Outfits (dresses, skirts, rags, bikinis in different sizes) we also offer beautiful and extraordinary ball- and wedding gowns for your photo shoot. We also have a huge selection of shoes, unfortunately currently only available in the sizes 37, 38 and 39 (EU sizes). We also have various jewelry available which can be borrowed.

Our Model Bianca Bebensee opted for the gorgeous red ball gown.
As you can see in the photos it was an excellent decision because it fits her perfectly.

Photo Shoot Tour for your wishes

Your Photo shoot theme & location

During this photo shoot we told Bianca she can freely choose how and where she will get photographed. Everything was done as she requested and now we can proudly present you:
Bianca Bebensee at her Martial Arts Training!

Bianca is into Martial Arts for a long time and her wish was to get some photos of it. Do you also follow any special interests? Maybe you want to get photographed when you are dancing? Just send us an e-mail of your wishes and we arrange a photo shoot for you.